Club Advocate Group

Club advocates influence and inform the future direction of the Partnership’s work with clubs

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What is The Club Advocate Group?

The Club Advocate Group was created in January 2022 and consists of proactive clubs from across the county, covering different sports and a range of club sizes. Thirteen clubs are represented in the group, including Hitchin Tennis Club, St Albans City Youth FC, Welwyn Garden City Hockey Club, Comets Badminton Club and Hitchin Rugby Club.

The intention is that club advocates influence and inform the future direction of Herts Sport & Physical Activity Partnership's (HSP) work with clubs. To enable HSP to best support the thriving community sport network across the county and embed clubs further within their community, it is vital to have regular in-depth, two-way conversations with clubs to sense-check ideas and proposals. The group is asked to raise any pressing issues or concerns so that HSP may offer support and guidance.

The four key objectives of the club advocate group (as agreed by the group), are:

  • To champion the importance of community clubs and the power of sport.
  • To scrutinise and support the approach of HSP and act as a sounding board for new campaigns and initiatives. 
  • Share best practice between clubs of different sports and sizes.
  • To attend meetings (max four per year) and advise HSP on the challenges facing clubs.

To become a part of the Club Advocate Group and have your say in how clubs can be best supported in Hertfordshire, contact Charlie at