Live Longer Better in Hertfordshire

A revolution is underway to enable people to live longer better, reduce the need for health and social care and reverse the effects of the pandemic

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Live Longer Better in Hertfordshire

Live Longer Better in Hertfordshire is the local activation of the national Live Longer Better movement, led by Sir Muir Gray and championed by thirty Active Partnerships across the country. Launched in 2019, the Live Longer Better in Hertfordshire Revolution has swept Hertfordshire with over 1000 Revolutionists part of the Hertfordshire network. Herts Sport & Physical Activity Partnership’s ambition is for this to be a truly collaborative approach across sectors where other organisations can champion the Live Longer Better in Hertfordshire messages through their work.

The mission is to use activity (physical, cognitive and emotional) to encourage longer, healthier and happier lives for residents in Hertfordshire.  

Culture is at the heart of the movement. Living Longer Better means moving to a culture of coaching, rather than care. It is about equipping and encouraging people to be the best that they can be, regaining lost ability no matter how old they are and how many conditions they have. Enablement is the key.  

Adults enjoying a Hertfordshire Health Walk in the countryside Older adults enjoying a strength and balance class in Hertfordshire

Live Longer Better in Hertfordshire offers:   

  • A series of local Masterclass webinars improving knowledge and awareness of key active ageing principles. 

           Upcoming Masterclass Webinars

           Previous event recordings

  • The Live Longer Better in Hertfordshire Champions training programme for professionals and volunteers – teaching the principles of the national Live Longer Better programme to support enablement culture to be embedded into local approaches. Read more about the Champions Programme or sign up to become a Champion.
  • Regular newsletters to keep the Revolutionist network updated with local opportunities and shine a light on Active Ageing projects across Hertfordshire. You can become a Revolutionist by joining the mailing list.
  • Funded bid writing services for Active Ageing projects across Hertfordshire. 
  • We are Undefeatable in Hertfordshire offers a series of training and upskilling for professionals across Hertfordshire to be better equipped to use movement to help those living with Long Term Health Conditions. You can see more details about the approach, including the previous event recordings.

You can read more details about this movement at Live Longer Better in Hertfordshire.