Park Play

Encouraging the community to meet, move and play

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What is ParkPlay? 

ParkPlay is a community event encompassing two hours of free play in the park that occurs every weekend. It fosters a positive, safe and fun environment and is open to all of the community.  

  1. It's two hours of community play, every Saturday morning in a park or public space 
  2. It provides active and inclusive games - all generations play together 
  3. It's a safe, welcoming and inclusive way for people to connect and have fun  
  4. It's delivered by the local community for the local community 

We have joined ParkPlay's mission to build stronger communities and help us become a more active nation and will be bringing ParkPlay to local communities across Hertfordshire – watch this space for updates on when and where ParkPlay will be launching! 

Visit the ParkPlay website