This section contains Hertfordshire specific information. It includes a wide range of data sources, district profiles and strategic documents to help you identify the need for your projects and interventions.

Hertfordshire datasets

There is a wealth of information you can access to help you gain an insight into your local area. Some examples are: demographics, prevalence of disease, areas of deprivation, life expectancy, physical activity levels, number of children accessing free school meals, levels of excess weight, reports on child mental health and much more.

There are some key websites and documents which contain Hertfordshire specific information. These are:

  • Herts Insight website
    This includes population profiles; wellbeing and health stats; economy, work and education profiles; housing and transport stats; local community profiles; and much more.
  • Hertfordshire Matters
    Understanding our local communities and the key social issues facing Hertfordshire’s residents is fundamental. The Hertfordshire Matters research provides evidence of need to support local groups and organisations as they seek to secure further funding.
  • Active Lives Online
    Sport England have recently updated their online tool and it’s now fully interactive so you can specifically select the data you want to see.
  • Joint Strategic Needs Assessment website
    Hertfordshire’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) looks at the specific health and social care needs of our local population and points out areas of inequality. It helps public bodies decide what type of local services to commission. Have a look at the website to view the reports and new needs assessments in the pipeline.
  • Hertfordshire Health Evidence website
    This includes data briefings and profile reports, tartan rugs, maps, dashboards, data presentations and infographics. These can be found in the ‘Local health data hub’.
  • PHE Fingertips
    This provides tartan rugs that can compare region, county and districts for a number of PHE indicators.
  • Plumplot
    This website provides maps and charts to summarise Hertfordshire population statistics.

Topic factsheets

We have put together a suite of factsheets on a range of topics to make the information easily accessible for you. These are listed below:

Health Profiles

Public Health England (PHE) produce health profiles annually for every district in England. These profiles provide a snapshot health summary which can be used to inform district priorities. The profiles for each of the districts are listed below:

County and district strategies

County strategies:
District Strategies:

Active Lives survey

The Active Lives Survey is a national survey that measures the number of people taking part and volunteering in sport and physical activities.  Results are published every six months. The most recent report was published on 23rd April 2020. To read the latest national report, click here. For more information about the Active Lives Survey, visit the Sport England website. To read the Hertfordshire Active Lives Survey results, click on the link in the topic factsheets list above.