Introducing Buddle

Buddle is a National Lottery Funded programme designed to give volunteers and professionals working in community sport and physical activity support

Buddle provides learning and support resources to inspire, strengthen, and celebrate organisations across the sector.

Buddle, which as an amalgamation of the words ‘buddy’ (the role the programme plays for community organisations) and ‘huddle’ (symbolising the coming together and collaboration required to achieve success), replaces Club Matters.

It responds directly to feedback from partners, users, and non-users and is more inclusive and intuitive to use.

Buddle shares the latest information, training, and tools to help organisations overcome their challenges and make the most of the opportunities available to them.

All their resources are free and include:  

  • Trusted and current information, advice and guidance to help with all aspects of developing, running and growing an organisation.
  • Tools and guidance to help organisations become more inclusive and resilient.
  • Training and development opportunities to improve and develop skills, knowledge and confidence.
  • Relevant news and developments from across the sector.
  • Signposting to further support from fellow trusted sector experts.

The team at Buddle are passionate about enabling organisations to be safe, inclusive, agile and resilient enough to secure their long-term future, and to unlock the advantages of sport and physical activity for everyone.


To find out more, check out their website, watch their video, or get in touch with the team


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