HSP Board Member Hester Hearn becomes #ShePaddles Ambassador for 2023/24

British Canoeing Unveils #ShePaddles Ambassadors for 2023/24: Celebrating Women Empowering Women on the Water

In an exciting announcement, British Canoeing has introduced seventeen remarkable women as the #ShePaddles Ambassadors for the upcoming year (2023/24). This diverse group of ambassadors, including HSP board member Hester Hearn, will be crucial in championing paddling and inspiring more women and girls to embrace the watersport adventure.

The #ShePaddles initiative is more than a campaign; it is a movement dedicated to breaking barriers and fostering inclusivity in paddling. These ambassadors stand at the forefront of this mission, driving positive change by encouraging women of all ages to experience the joy and thrill of being on the water.

Meet Hester Hearn: A Passion for Paddling

Hester Hearn, a proud member of the HSP board, shares her journey into paddling, stating, "I grew up in the Lake District, so I developed a love for watersports pretty early on." Despite a pause, Hester reignited her passion by taking up paddleboarding, earning her qualification as a Paddlesports Instructor last year. For Hester, the allure of paddling lies in its vibrant community, the inherent challenges, and the serene beauty of being surrounded by water.

As a newly appointed #ShePaddles Ambassador, Hester is poised to make a significant impact. Living in Hertfordshire, she plans to collaborate closely with local organisations to use paddling as a means of community engagement. Her goal is clear: encourage more people to lead active lifestyles while sharing her own paddling journey in a relatable and motivating manner, especially for women and girls.

For Hester, paddling goes beyond a recreational activity; it is a medium through which she plans to connect with her community. She emphasises, "Sport and physical activity have been a huge part of both my personal and professional life, but I love paddling in particular because of the community, the challenge, and the simple beauty of being out on the water."

Speaking at a recent board meeting, Hester continued by saying, “I’m looking forward to working with local paddling clubs and centres to help raise awareness of the opportunities right here within Hertfordshire, and encouraging everyone to explore and appreciate the beauty of our waterways and lakes - whether through actively participating or volunteering on a river clean-up.

I’m particularly interested in looking at ways we can provide more inclusive opportunities, so that everyone can enjoy paddling, regardless of their identity, background, or circumstances. “

Whether you're an experienced paddler or someone considering dipping your toes into this invigorating world, let these ambassadors inspire you to embrace the power of paddling.

Congratulations to Hester and the entire cohort of #ShePaddles Ambassadors.

If you would like more information, please contact Hester if you are interested in getting involved or want to share your thoughts. hester@hearnshouse.co.uk/@hesterhearn

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