Herts Mini Movers

In a leap towards fostering healthy habits in our little ones, we're thrilled to announce the launch of 'Herts Mini Movers'

In a leap towards fostering healthy habits in our little ones, we're thrilled to announce the launch of 'Herts Mini Movers'—a tailored expertly created bank of resources for early years practitioners/teachers. Created by a distinguished author, trainer, speaker in Early Years Physical Activity Helen Battelley.

Packed with insightful pointers, engaging tips, and hands-on activities, this high quality, time saving initiative will support you with lesson plans in physical education from a trusted source.

Herts Mini Movers is not just a resource bank but a celebration of movement and growth. With childhood obesity rates increasing and screen time becoming a dominant force in young lives, this initiative is a timely response to encourage more physical activity from the very start.


Tailored for Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) practitioners/teachers:

Herts Mini Movers is designed with early years staff in mind, recognising their role in shaping a child's early experiences and development. The programme equips educators with easy-to-implement strategies to integrate physical activity into their lesson plans seamlessly.

Practical Tips for Every Classroom/Setting:

Herts Mini Movers provides EYFS practitioners/ teachers with practical tips, from dynamic warm-ups to interactive games. These are exercises and carefully crafted activities, making movement an integral part of the learning process fostering a positive attitude towards physical activity.

Inclusivity at Its Core:

Recognising the diverse needs of children in the early years, Herts Mini Movers is committed to inclusivity. The programme accommodates various abilities, ensuring that every child, regardless of physical prowess, can actively participate and experience the joy of movement.

Let the Adventure Begin!

The launch of Herts Mini Movers marks the beginning of an exciting journey towards a healthier, more active future for our youngest learners. As we encourage children to move, jump, and play, we're sowing the seeds for a lifetime of physical wellbeing.

Get Involved!

Are you an EYFS practitioner/ teacher ready to embark on this movement-filled adventure? Visit our resources page and YouTube playlist to explore the wealth of resources waiting for you. Join the Herts Mini Movers community and participate in the change, one joyful move at a time.

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