Below is an up-to-date list of current courses that are running locally to Hertfordshire in the near future. These courses are a variety of both essential qualifications to maintain minimum standards as a coach and CPD and workshops to further your understanding and better support your participants.

Please note some of these courses are run by other organisations, so please click the ‘Book’ link to confirm this, as queries with these courses need to be made via the course organiser.

We also have a collection of e-learning courses from a number of organisations that may be better suited to those keen to further their coaching but are restricted by various factors.

Fri 15th May, 2-4pmClub Matters - Participant Experience OnlineBook
Wed 20th May, 6-8pmClub Matters - Volunteer ExperienceOnlineBook
Wed 20th May, 7-9:30pm Safeguarding and Protecting Children WorkshopOnlineBook
Thu 21st May, 8:15-9:15pmProviding Valuable Volunteer Experiences - WebinarOnlineBook
Tue 26th May, 3-5pmClub Matters - Planning for the FutureOnlineBook
Wed 28th May, 2-5pmPerformance Testing and MonitoringOnlineBook
Thu 29th May, 8:15-9:15pmMental Health Webinar for ClubsOnlineBook
Mon 1st June, 12-2pmClub Matters - Develop a Marketing StrategyOnineBook
Tue 16th June, 2-5pmProgrammingOnlineBook
Thu 18th June, 7-9:30pm Safeguarding and Protecting Children WorkshopOnlineBook
Thu 2nd July, 2-5pmPeriodisationOnlineBook
Tue 7th July, 6.30-9.30pmSafeguarding and Protecting Children WorkshopUniversity of Hertfordshire, de Havilland Campus, HatfieldBook
Sun 4th Oct, 9am-4.30pmEmergency First Aid at Work (this course is ran by Active North Herts)Herts FA, Herts, SG6 2ENBook