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Connected Coaches is a friendly support and advice for coaches from any sport or activity. Here, members pool ideas and solve problems together. Join groups relevant to your work:

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UK Coaching

UK Coaching is the national lead body for sports coaching and an excellent source of information on all things coaching-related. They have some great practical information in their Resource Bank, including top tips, guides and videos. UK Coaching First Steps Into Coaching videos are informative and well worth a watch if you are interested in starting to coach.

The UK Coaching site has various resources how to get in to coaching, how coaches can link in with National Campaigns such as This Girl Can, Funding opportunities and tool kits to support your coaching.

Inclusive Coaching Resources

Reach is all about getting more women coaching, and making sure once you are coaching, you feel supported and stay motivated. Whether you call yourself a coach, leader, facilitator, trainer or instructor, we want to help by giving you useful advice and by making you feel part of a valued community.

Coaching in an Active Nation

Coaching in an Active Nation recognises that there are many people who have the skills to engage with participants, deliver great experiences and help those participants to become more active. The coaching workforce will expand in the next few years – we need more leaders, activators, co-ordinators, hosts and helpers, in addition to those with more traditional sports coaching roles!

You can get interested in coaching for a whole range of reasons! Most get started because they want to improve the quality of delivery and have a skill that can help support their club or community, others want to develop their skills to gain employment or meet new friends.

Coaching in an Active Nation: ‘In short, good coaching has benefits for the people who participate and benefits for the people who coach. Good coaching is good for everyone!’

We want people who can support the needs of participants through personal coaching and part of this means we want people who are immediately empathetic to their participants. Our coaching workforce must reflect social environments, “People Like Me” is key to inspiring participants to be engaged and have good coaching experiences.

Check out the video below which outlines What coaching is about?’

If you have any queries regarding coaching; whether it is to get started or looking to develop your coaching, feel free to get in touch.

Chris Samways
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