The Daily Mile Destinations Campaign arrives in Hertfordshire for September 2020

The Herts Sports and Physical Activity Partnership (HSP) is continuing to support physical activity in primary schools by providing each school with free resources to participate in The Daily Mile Destinations initiative this September.

The Daily Mile is simple and free and gets children out of the classroom for 15 minutes every day to run or jog at their own pace with their classmates, making them fitter, healthier and more able to concentrate in the classroom. Unfortunately a large number of young people have missed out on school sport and physical activity over the last few months, but HSP, who coordinate The Daily Mile across Hertfordshire on behalf of The Daily Mile Foundation and Sport England, are hoping that The Daily Mile Destinations initiative will re-capture the enjoyment of being physically active in school alongside friends and teachers.

The Daily Mile Destinations is a resource that has been created to encourage schools to embed The Daily Mile into their community and includes a large world wall map that can be used to display the whole school’s involvement. Each class will be challenged to complete The Daily Mile three, four or five times a week, with each day moving them along the map towards a new destination. Fun fact sheets about each destination are included in the resource pack, so that children and staff will have the opportunity to learn about the destinations they reach, linking their Daily Mile activities to the classroom.

Alex Varran, the Partnership’s Coordinator for The Daily Mile said:

‘I am very happy that we have been able to provide The Daily Mile Destinations resources to all primary schools in Hertfordshire. Each pack also includes information for staff on how to do The Daily Mile whilst maintaining social distancing, so I hope everyone enjoys taking part, getting fitter and learning about the destinations they will reach which include Stonehenge, Niagara Falls, the Pyramids of Giza and the Great Barrier Reef.’

In launching the initiative HSP Partnership Director, John O’Callaghan commented:

‘More than half of Hertfordshire’s primary schools are already engaged in The Daily Mile – we hope that such a fun introduction to the scheme for those not yet taking part will encourage them to adopt it as a permanent activity. Once pupils return to the classroom in September, they will potentially be getting used to doing more activity than they have in a while; The Daily Mile is an easy reintroduction to regular activity which has a wealth of benefits, including positive mental wellbeing.’

YouGov research, commissioned by the Youth Sport Trust in June 2020, revealed that 37% of young people considered Physical Education, sport and exercise to be more important to them now than before lockdown. HSP are looking to build on this through The Daily Mile Destinations resource, which aims to provide schools with 100 days of physical activity, as classes journey around the map. HSP have already supported more than 220 primary schools to participation in The Daily Mile and it is hoped that The Daily Mile Destinations initiative will enable these schools to continue with their participation in September, as well as encourage other schools to get involved for the first time.

For more information about The Daily Mile in Hertfordshire please contact Alex Varran at