Our national partners have been working hard to help us get more women and girls into sport and activity across the country. Below you’ll see some key research, insight and workshops that will help you when trying to engage with women and girls.

Go Where Women Are
This is Sport England’s Insight on engaging women and girls in sport and exercise. ‘Go Where Women Are’ is about engaging women in sport and exercise on their terms and in their space whether physically or emotionally. The insight pack explores current understanding of women, their relevant motivations, barriers and triggers to getting more active, and what this means for sports and exercise activities and initiatives.

It pulls out key learning points that can be applied to most women and draws on a rich range of data, research and practical projects conducted over many years. It also provides a deeper understanding of women’s feelings about sport and exercise, their internal dialogue and fear of judgement, which the This Girl Can campaign has been developed upon.

Go Where Women Are – Engaging Women and Girls in Sport

Helping Women and Girls to Get Active: A Practical Guide
This guide is a brand new resource from Sport England to help all of us work together to close that 2 million gender gap in sporting participation. With proven tips, suggestions and case studies throughout, the guide makes it easier for you to attract more women and girls to your local activities and to keep them coming back.

Helping Women and Girls to Get Active – A Practical Guide

Understanding Women’s Lives: Re-designing and re-positioning sport and physical activity to engage women
This ground-breaking study, funded by Sport England and based on fieldwork conducted by research agency 2CV, used an innovative semi-ethnographic approach to unlock new insight around:

  • Women’s Lives in modern Britain and what’s important to them
  • Women’s perceptions of sport versus fitness and how we need to re-position sport to women; and,
  • How we can tap into women’s values in order to activate behaviour change towards increased levels of physical activity.

To view this research click here

This Girl Can in Herts: A Practical Guide to Helping More Women and Girls Get Active in Sports and Informal Sports Groups
We have created a Hertfordshire version of the practical guide. The guide is smaller and more localised to Hertfordshire but still packed with lots of tips and suggestions on how to get more women and girls into sport and activity. We run occasional workshops to bring this document to life.