The Satellite Club programme in Hertfordshire has now changed in order to comply with Sport England’s recent funding requirements:

  • Satellite Clubs are now focused on the 14-19 age group, and those from underrepresented groups across the county
  • Initiatives will primarily be based in community venues, schools will only be considered when there is a demonstrated need, i.e. residential students
  • The delivery of Satellite Clubs is now customer led; once we have identified who we want to target and what they want to do, we seek providers to work with and run sessions. The need must be insight led and should relate to the Sport England Youth Insights Pack
  • There will be a strong focus on embedding the behaviour change theory into each initiative. This will enable us to collate more qualitative than quantitative data. Deliverers on the programme will be encouraged to attend a communication workshop that will explain more about the practices of behaviour change.

Existing Satellite Clubs
We continue to work with existing initiatives to help them to become sustained, however funding for this is no longer available. Our Satellite Clubs Sustainability Toolkit is a guide which can help clubs with ideas and information on how to become sustainable.

If you are interested in taking part in a Satellite Club in your area, please speak to us using the contact details below.

Charlie Mann