Getting young people active is so important, especially given the current climate and the recent enforced sedentary lifestyles. Physical activity can take many forms, from organised sport to nature trails and everything in between. This element of a Fit and Fed project will cause concern for some, especially given the current social distance restrictions, but there are still plenty of options to keep your young people active!

If you’re unsure of what equipment to purchase for your project, or where to get it, you can find great premade activity packs on website such as Newitts or Bishop Sports if you search for ‘sports day pack’ or ‘activity pack’.

If you have the equipment sorted but not too sure what to do with it all you can use this resource for ideas for socially distanced physical activity activities. also see the above StreetGames course focused on getting young people active.

For other ideas you can sign up for a free trial to GetSet4PE which gives you access to plenty more ideas and resources.