Active Local is an initiative from the Partnership, which focuses on a target area within each of Hertfordshire’s ten local authorities. Through discussions with Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council, we identified Peartree of Welwyn Garden City and through our collaboration with community groups and organisations, we have learnt (and continue) to better understand the area. From our talks we found…

Population = 8,215
Working Age 16-65 = 66.5%
Youth Unemployment = 13.3%
Pensioners in Poverty = 21.1%
Obese children starting reception = 25.8%
Young people in Higher Education = 18.2%
Connectedness Score = 6.6

We are concentrating on the people and places within Welwyn Garden City to design and deliver opportunities that are accessible, affordable and appropriate for all members of the local community.

While the area is full of potential, the connectedness score above is significantly lower than the Herts and nationwide average. One of our first aims was to raise this score, bringing the community, its facilities and sport closer together.

We have created an Active Local stakeholder group that connects key players within the area, allowing them to discuss sport development and connect the opportunities in the town closer to the communities. A vast amount of work has been achieved to help develop these provisions and ensure residents have access in addition to having a greater awareness of what is on offer.

I have met and supported many people and organisations in the area. A particular highlight to demonstrate the impact would be the Fit Fead and Read programme, which has been delivered during both the Easter and summer holidays at Peartree Primary School. This offered local young children on free schools the opportunity to have a fulfiling and active holiday programme, while also providing a hot meal.

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