All children have the right to be safe. We believe that safeguarding is of vital importance and is a necessity within any club or organisation. Safeguarding children in sport is essential for a safe, enjoyable and positive experience. By having measures in place, it can encourage children to choose to remain involved in sport throughout their lives.

Safeguarding and Protecting Children in Sport

If you feel there is a potential issue regarding the safety and protection of children in sport please refer to our Reporting a Concern page.

Please visit our Courses & Workshops page for a list of our upcoming Safeguarding and First Aid workshops.

Talented and elite young athletes

Talented and elite young athletes carry a lot of expectation when they go to play sport; not only from their peers but perhaps more influentially from their NGBs, coaches and parents. The CPSU has designed the following document to assist these groups and consider what impact they are having on the athlete.

CPSU Safeguarding the Elite Young Athlete

Disabled young people

We encourage the participation of disabled young people in sport, either as participants or volunteers. We understand that sport can be challenging and wish to ease possible fears and increase participation levels. However, we do understand that the needs may be different and we want to ensure that we work hard to safeguard them.

We aim to make active lives possible with a vision that disabled people are active for life.

The Activity Alliance states that physiological barriers play the biggest role in preventing disabled participants from taking part in sport, however 7/10 disabled people want to be more active.

Making sport more accessible
Sport and activity providers have a responsibility to ensure that they take steps to include and safeguard young disabled people. Staff and volunteers need to be trained to understand the importance of including disabled young people in sport and appreciate their additional vulnerabilities and understand the need to safeguard them.

For further information and access to useful resources please see the CPSU website.


Many young lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people experience challenging times when they reveal their sexual orientation or identity, but there is support available. It is important that children get the right support during what can be a very difficult time in their life, and have opportunities to talk about their issues. The level of understanding from parents, carers, family members, coaches and peers is vital.

Despite some of the potential challenges it can be a very exciting stage in their lives, although a large number don’t speak about it until they are older. The window of time between first questioning their identity and starting to accept it can lead to young people suffering from lower self-esteem, depression or feeling a sense of isolation, and this is an area which should be safeguarded correctly.

The CPSU has information on how we can help to safeguard LGBT individuals.

Hertfordshire Safeguarding Children Partnership (HSCP)

The Hertfordshire Safeguarding Children Partnership has been set up so that all agencies and organisations who work with children and young people work together to keep children safe.