Educational sport carries the same importance as external sport. Therefore Safeguarding is of equal importance. School sport and club sport involve similar environments and therefore many of the procedures are the same. However, if you are not familiar with these procedures it is worth reading the following:

Questions you should be asking:

  • Who are you letting into your school?
  • Do they have a valid DBS?
  • Have they got certified Safeguarding and First Aid qualifications?
  • Have you checked and challenged this person?

Overnight stay and travelling abroad

Overnight stays and travelling abroad are great for budding sport enthusiasts. It provides them with new experiences, opportunities and competition whilst playing in venues that previously would have proved very difficult. However, we must ensure that safeguarding policies and procedures accompany overnight stay/travelling students and/or athletes to ensure the safety of all involved.

There are many things that need to be taken into consideration when looking to travel with young athletes and the possibility of overnight stay. Please see the below template checklist for suggestions.

Safeguarding an Overnight Stay and Travelling Abroad

Photography and filming

Photography in sport has always been a difficult topic. Photos and videos are great for celebrating and promoting young people’s involvement in sport, and in more modern cases has and continues to be used in classrooms for learning. However, we must make sure that images are used in a safe manner. Photography and the use of mobile phones in changing rooms is an area of risk which could be reduced. Your school should have a policy on the use of mobile phones in changing rooms but to find out more please read the CPSU’s advice on mobile phones and cameras in changing rooms.

Duty of Care

Sports clubs and organisations have a duty of care for all those involved in their organisation. In order to fulfil its duty of care a sports body needs to take reasonable measures in the circumstances to ensure that individuals will be safe to participate in the activity.

When children and young people are involved in organised sports activities and are to any extent under the care of one or more adults, the adult(s) have a duty to take reasonable care to ensure their safety and welfare is met at all times. A duty of care may be imposed by common law or statute, contract, acceptance by an individual. Please see the CPSU Duty of Care information sheet below.

CPSU Duty of Care