My name is Hannah and I am a PhD student at the University of Hertfordshire. I am undertaking my PhD in collaboration with HENRY, a national charity supporting families to make positive lifestyle changes to ensure children have the best start in life. My PhD involves developing a new programme to support teenagers.

If you are a young person:

During the teenage years, adolescents develop lifestyle habits that will likely stay with them through to adulthood. Therefore, it is important that the habits that are developed are healthy ones, however this can be hard to do. It is HENRY’s aim to provide support through the new programme to young people between 11-19 years old so that they have the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills needed in order to live healthy lives.

Before the programme is created it is important to hear the voices of young people so that the programme can be designed around their needs and wants. Doing this will increase the likelihood of young people attending the programme and getting the most out of it. Therefore I am conducting interviews with young people aged between 11-19 years old. The interviews aim to find out opinions on making changes to physical activity and eating behaviours, specifically with regard to what might get in the way or help to make positive changes. They also ask about opinions on designing the new programme.

Anyone aged between 11-19 can take part. If you under 16 years old your parent/guardian needs to agree to you taking part. If you are 16 years or older you can agree to take part for yourself. The interviews are expected to last around 30 minutes and given the current situation they are being conducted online or over the phone.

If you are interested in helping to shape an exciting, new programme to support young people then it would be great to hear from you. Please contact me at

If you are a practitioner or commissioner:

As part of the development process interviews are being conducted with key groups of people to hear their thoughts and opinions on physical activity and healthy eating during adolescence. These groups represent the people who will receive the programme (teenagers), those who will deliver it (practitioners) and those who will commission it (commissioners). The interviews are designed to explore the barriers and facilitators to changing behaviour in relation to physical activity and healthy eating, in addition to opinions on the design of the new programme. You are eligible to take part if you are:

  • a practitioner who has past or present experience working with 11-19 year olds that addressed some aspect of healthy eating or physical activity
  • a commissioner who has past/present experience commissioning these types of programmes for teenagers

Interviews are expected to last around 30 minutes and given the current situation they are being conducted online or over the phone. If you are interested in taking part please email me on and I would be happy to provide further information and answer any questions you may have.