Active Herts

Active Herts workouts are perfect for older adults. Simple, heart raising exercises mixed with mobility and stretching, Andy Rix is an instructor the Herts Sports Partnership knows very well, and who has a wealth of experience! Active Herts was one of our award-winning programmes designed for people new to exercise. Click on the links below for a taste of what Andy and Active Herts have to offer:

Active Herts warm up (10 mins)
Active Herts main workout (30 mins)
Active Herts cool down (5 mins)
Active Herts stretches (10 mins)

You can find loads more videos and tutorials on Andy’s YouTube page, including chair based and low impact exercises as well as more advanced sessions to aim towards. Enjoy!

Herts Disability Sports Foundation

Ros and the team are running small group fitness and dance sessions adapted for people of any age with a special educational need or disability. The sessions are aimed at those who might need a little more support, encouragement and interaction to access online sessions.

WorkOut with Herts Disability Sports Foundation

Exercise with Suzina

Join Suzina, the University of Hertfordshire’s Active Staff Instructor, who will lead you through a variety chair based exercises.

Seated WorkOut with Suzina 1

Seated WorkOut with Suzina 2

NEW Seated Workout with Suzina 3 (with Theraband)

NEW Seated Workout with Suzina 4 (stationary balance work)

Active in Redbourn – Facebook LIVE classes

Active in Redbourn (AIR) is a community group run by volunteers. Their aim is to make Redbourn, St Albans, the healthiest village in Hertfordshire.

Active in Redbourn have created a ‘Live Well with AIR’ programme with an information booklet for residents with advice on how to stay healthy and active whilst at home.

Starting on Monday 4th May they will also have daily classes streamed LIVE through their Facebook page – @activeinredbourn.

We Are Undefeatable

When you’re managing a long term health condition, being active is about finding what works for you. “We Are Undefeatable” is a movement supporting people with a range of long term health conditions, developed by 15 leading health and social care charities. Our purpose is to support and encourage finding ways to be active that work with each person’s conditions, not against them.

There are a range of free videos and guides for how to get moving at home online. Check out one of the home exercises on our YouTube channel or click through the website for ideas and resources to help you.

WorkOut with #WeAreUndefeatable
WorkOut with #WeAreUndefeatable (YouTube Channel)

Sport England and BBC – ’10 Today’ Campaign

Easy to follow, 10-minute daily home workouts will be available to listen to via BBC Sounds and live on BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra. The ‘10 Today‘ audio exercise routines is a set of 10, 10-minute, audio workouts designed to get older people stretching and moving at home during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Each involves engaging and easy to follow routines that are accessible and safe, can be done at any time, whether standing up or sitting down, and are adaptable to different fitness levels.

WorkOut with 10 Today
WorkOut with BBC Sounds (10 Today)

Joe Wicks – Home Workouts for Seniors

You’ll probably have seen PE with Joe all over the media, helping to keep kids active whilst staying at home. Well, Joe also has an offer for the older adults with a series of 10 minute workout videos.

WorkOut with Joe Wicks

Pilates from Home

Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on balance, posture, strength and flexibility. It’s suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. You don’t need to have done any Pilates before to do this video, which lasts for 45 minutes. An exercise mat would be useful if you have one. Wear comfortable, loose clothing.

WorkOut with Pilates

Relax with Perfect Balance

If you’ve even been sailing or seen the sea in a storm you’ll know just how it can feel when you describe a mind that is racing all the time and very active. In times like this you’ll see it’s important to master control of your mind and settle things back down to a more calm, controlled and negotiable mind. That’s why Perfect Balance has put together a range of services to help calm your body, mind and nutrition as well as stay physically active. There is a range of free and paid services to help you get control back in your life. Click on the link to find out more about their Yoga and Pilates classes.

WorkOut with Perfect Balance

Revitalise Pain

For anyone who suffers with aches and pains and where high intensity, high impact workouts are too much for their joints, Tracy Nicola has free, fun 30 minute classes running from the Pain Free and Revitalised Facebook group until 5 April. Just join the Facebook group, to find the timetable and links to join the online classes.

WorkOut with Tracy

Macmillan Get Active, Feel Good

Suitable for people living with cancer, the Macmillan Get Active, Feel Good online class is a gentle session with chair based options and light cardio, mobility and weight based exercises.

WorkOut with Macmillan

Arthritis Action

Many people living with a long-term health condition find it difficult to attend exercise classes. To help them, Arthritis Action recently launched a series of online chair based  exercises developed with the aim of helping those with hip, knee or spinal Osteoarthritis more mobile and active.

WorkOut with Arthritis Action

Herts Care Providers Association

The resources below are designed by Herts Care Providers Association (HCPA) to keep individuals moving and engaged to improve and support both their health and wellbeing. Their resources can be used in a variety of settings such as an individual’s own home or a group (maintaining social distancing) in a Care Home. They have produced a number of daily exercise videos in the seated exercise and strength and balance exercise sections.

WorkOut with Herts Care Providers

Chartered Association of Physiotherapists (CAPs)

Avoiding trips and falls at home. Whatever our age, keeping our body and mind as fit and healthy as we can is good for our balance, movement and for preventing injury. 

WorkOut with CAPs

NHS Sitting Exercises

These gentle sitting exercises will help improve your mobility and prevent falls, and can even be done at home.

WorkOut with NHS