Hertfordshire County Council’s Public Health team have launched a fantastic, and rare, opportunity to gain some funding to run a physical activity project to help improve adult mental health. There is however a very short turn around (less than a month from now) so if you are eligible and interested please act quickly!!

Funding Details

The Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Team within Hertfordshire County Council Public Health is opening its application window to all community and voluntary organisations in Hertfordshire to apply for grants to promote mental health wellbeing in adults through innovative physical activity projects.

The World Health Organization defines physical activity as “any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that requires energy expenditure.” Physical activity refers to any movement including during leisure time. Both moderate and vigorously intense physical activity improve health.  The pandemic has had a major impact on peoples’ overall mental well-being and we wish to address that through this programme.

Broadly the programme aims to:

  • Increase physical activity and build resilience for people with low to moderate mental health problems across Hertfordshire (stress, depression, and anxiety)
  • Promote active communities and positive mental health
  • Prevent mental unwellness as a whole population approach.
  • Encourage mental health awareness, reduce stigma and discrimination
  • Encourage the 5 steps of mental wellbeing in everyday life
  • Reduce barriers to physical activity and encourage more community based action.

Application Form
Frequently Asked Questions
Guidance Notes

The Guidance Notes and Frequently Asked Questions document have been designed to help provide the information required.

The closing date for applications will be 12 midday on the 21 February 2022. If you have any questions specific to the fund that are not covered in the FAQs, please email PublicMentalHealth@hertfordshire.gov.uk