Just Talk is a multi-agency campaign, steered by young people

In 2017, a group of professionals from various agencies in Hertfordshire came together to discuss the issue that current mental health services, projects and campaigns were better meeting the needs of girls than boys.

As a result of this meeting, extensive research and consultation took place with teenage boys across Hertfordshire.

The Just Talk campaign was born.

Coordinated by the Public Health team at Hertfordshire County Council, partners have given their time and expertise to ensure that the quality resources and information available here, and the direction of the campaign, meets the needs of young people.

Want to become a partner?

Just Talk Network Partners meet quarterly to collaborate on the development of the Just Talk campaign. This helps ensure the messages and resources produced are current, useful and widely shared.

Alongside the Herts Sports Partnership, the Just Talk Network includes partners from the NHS, local authority, education, community, voluntary and social enterprise sectors. Partners work together by pooling their skills, knowledge and resources, to support the Just Talk campaign and help improve the emotional wellbeing of children and young people in Hertfordshire.

To join the Network, please email: JustTalk@hertfordshire.gov.uk

Visit the Just Talk campaign website for further information.