It was with great disappointment that we have decided to postpone this year’s annual Hertfordshire School Games, which was due to take place at Oaklands College in July 2020, due to COVID-19. However, we now have new and exciting plans to run a slightly different looking Games, linking to the great work that the Herts SGO’s have been doing over the Covid-19 lockdown period.

Let the Games continue!

The ‘Virtual’ Hertfordshire School Games is an exciting programme of sport competition running throughout the remainder of the summer term, giving children the chance to represent their school team, alongside their friends and family, to be crowned Hertfordshire champions.

Calling all Hertfordshire school children!

We know that school life might be a little bit different at the moment, but you can still compete to be Herts champions in the ‘Virtual’ Hertfordshire School Games 2020. 

  • Take part alongside your friends and teammates from school, win prizes, and strive to be the very best that you can in this very special, virtual competition.
  • Each Monday morning for the remainder of the summer term, a new sport will be launched which can be done from the living room, garden, or school.
  • Throughout the week you can practice, train and improve, before submitting your best scores to your school. Your score will be added to your school total, meaning that you can be part of your school team, and compete against all of the other schools in the county.

We’ll be including pentathlon, cricket, tennis and a good old fashion sports day

Get involved
It’s never too late to get involved, with a new sport released at 9.30am, every Monday morning. You can get going straight away. Just click here for the latest challenges.


Virtual Pentathlon
Teacher Instructions
Pentathlon results sheet 

Virtual Primary Tennis – (results to your SGO by Friday 3 July)
Primary Year 3/4 Tennis results sheet
School Tennis score card

Virtual Primary Cricket
– (results to your SGO by Friday 3 July)
Paper Smash targets
Primary Year 5/6 Cricket results sheet

School Cricket score card

Virtual Secondary Tennis – (results to your SGO by Friday 3 July)
Secondary Tennis score card to send to SGO
School Tennis score card

Virtual Secondary Cricket – (results to your SGO by Friday 3 July)
Paper Smash targets
Secondary Cricket score card to send to SGO
School Cricket score card

Final Primary Virtual sports Day
Primary Year 3/4 Sports Day results sheet
Primary Year 5/6 Sports Day results sheet

Final Secondary Virtual sports Day
Secondary Sports Day results sheet

School Sports Day score card

Our aim is to ensure that PE and School Sport in Hertfordshire is of the highest possible quality and it reaches every young person and continues to drive competitive school sport. At t core of this work is the unwavering belief that competitive school sport should be at the heart of school life. The School Games are overseen by our team of School Games Organisers.

The School Games Vision, Mission and Characteristics

Mission: Keeping competitive sport at the heart of schools and providing more young people with the opportunity to compete and achieve their personal best

Vision: By 2020 the School Games will be continuing to make a clear and meaningful difference to the lives of even more children and young people

Characteristics: The School Games will focus on ensuring it is relevant to more children and young people and their lives today and allows more of them to achieve their potential. In driving this forward the School Games will seek to:

  • engender a sense of competence;
  • promote enjoyment; and
  • avoid negative or bad experience and promote a positive one
School Games Values: The Spirit of the Games

There are six values which form the ‘Spirit of the Games’: Passion, Self-belief, Respect, Honesty, Teamwork, and Determination.

Competition creates the ideal context in which to explore personal values and conduct. To giving it 100% and never giving up, to believe to achieve, to accept winning and losing while treating others politely with understanding, to have the courage to do the right thing, to support and work together, to overcome obstacles every day and become the very best you can be.

The way in which schools communicate these values and involve young people in championing this cause will help bring the Spirit of the Games to life. This will ensure that competitive school sport is a rich learning experience for young people, and an experience which develops them to be not only the best sports person they can be but the best person they can be as well.

The School Games Levels

Schools and pupils will participate and progress through four levels of competition:

Personal Challenge: A student driven / self-led opportunity to attempt to improve performance and can take place both at school and beyond the school day.

Intra (Level 1): sporting competition for all students in school through intra-school competition
Inter (Level 2): individuals and teams are selected to represent their schools in local inter-school competitions. Many of these competitions are run by Local School Games Organisers (link above)
County (Level 3): the county/area will stage multi-sport School Games festivals as a culmination of year-round school sport competition.

There will also be a biannual School Games National Finals for talented young people involved in the talent pathways and programmes of the national governing bodies of sport participating in the National Finals.

What do the County School Games Finals entail?

The County School Games are much more than just a sports competition; they are a celebration of young people embracing the Spirt of the School Games. It provides opportunities for young leaders to get involved in delivering and officiating different sports, to support the event manager and form part of the media crew. Young people have the chance to perform in opening ceremonies, participate in new sports and embrace the cultural element of the Games, as well as excelling on the sports field.

The Local Organising Committee (LOC) takes the strategic lead on School Games and ensure the County School Games are delivered successfully. Linking into this committee is an operational group which agrees the sports, formats and year groups of the County events, and also ensures the SGO competition calendars feed into County Finals creating clear competition pathways.