Introducing our Wellbeing Technology partner, govox

GoVox is the online mental health and wellbeing platform that enables you to “prioritise the conversations that matter” through regular ‘Check Ins’ with those in your teams. Whether that’s members of your local sports club, competition level athletes or students at your school; GoVox is designed to support you and your people, at the times they need you most.

Completely non-intrusive, the Wellbeing Check In is focused around wellbeing and mental health, tailored to your organisation and as a technology enabled solution it is easily accessible to all.

The results are fed back into a dashboard, which is overseen by the right person in your organisation, who can then allocate suitable support.

If you’re not too sure what you’d do with the responses, GoVox works closely with both MIND and Street Games to help you improve the skills in your support network.

The tool is focused on early intervention and the real power of GoVox lies in its simplicity; people find it super easy to get on board with and GoVox is already trusted by a wide range of organisations. The benefits of the Check In cannot be overstated, such as:

  • Reduce personal crisis events
  • Improve health and reduce sickness absence
  • Improve retention, particularly ongoing participation in sports

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