This section will give you a step by step guide to evaluate your project, give you details on the recommended questions to ask to measure your impact, share learning from projects in and out of the county and provide guidance on how to measure the financial return on investment of your work.

Hertfordshire Evaluation Framework

This evaluation guide has been put together to help organisations with limited knowledge and experience of evaluation to understand the steps to take when building evaluation into project design.   It has been kept as brief as possible to make it quick and easy to read.

Hertfordshire impact reports

This page includes impact reports from projects which have been delivered in Hertfordshire. We would like this page to be a place where all organisations can share their reports to help us learn from each other. If you have a report to share, please contact Fiona Deans.

  • (Box Cleva Year 1 report (December 2016).pdf)

National impact reports

The Sport England website contains national impact reports for a number of programmes such as: Sportivate, School Games, Active Colleges, Active Women, Active Universities and the Community Sport Activation fund. To read the reports, clickk on the weblink below and scroll down the page to “Evaluation”.