Frequently asked questions

How do I know if my child is eligible to attend a HAPpy Camp?
Children who are in school years Reception to Year 11, who attend a Hertfordshire school and are in receipt of benefits related free school meals are eligible to receive a code and attend HAPpy Camps.

My child is in Reception or KS1 and gets free school meals – does this count?
No, this is the Universal Infant Free School Meal offer that all children in these year groups receive – this type of free school meal does not make children eligible. You may be eligible if you meet any of the criteria outlined here. If you believe that you do meet the criteria, please apply for free school meals, as this could further support your child in school, and will ensure you receive your code.

How do I access my HAPpy Booking Code?
Schools will have access to your child’s HAPpy Booking Code from Wednesday 25th May, and should send it to you soon after this date. If you have not received your code, please contact your school office, or email

Are Ukrainian children/other refugee/asylum seeking children eligible to attend HAPpy Camps?
All Ukrainian/refugee/asylum seeking children will be eligible to attend HAppy Camps and can obtain a code from their school. If children have not been allocated a school place by the time bookings open on 20th June, please email and we can help you with a referral code.

My child is Electively Home Educated (EHE) and we would meet the criteria; how can I obtain a code?
The EHE Team at Hertfordshire County Council have a list of families whom they believe to be eligible and will write to them. If you do not receive an email, please contact so that we can pass your details on.

Where are camps being run?
Camps will be run all over Hertfordshire – from Monday 20th June, you can use the filters in the activity finder to search by location, child’s age, disability and date.

I am on a low income, but not low enough for my children to receive free school meals – can I get a code? 
Under certain circumstances, and where existing family support is in place, HAPpy Camps may have the opportunity to support vulnerable children from low income families. If you feel that you fit this criteria, the professional who is supporting your family will need to email  This can be a Family Support Worker, SENCo, social worker, teacher etc.