BBC History for Kids
Resources and interactive videos to learn local and global history.

Kiddle – Hertfordshire
The history of Hertfordshire for kids.

Teaching Resources about Refugees
The Un Refugee Agency to support teaching children about refugee and forced migration.

Kiddle – Atlantic Slave Trade
The history of the Atlantic Slave Trade for kids.

Privilege Explained for Kids
YouTube video explaining what privilege looks like.

Black Lives Matter Information
Free presentations and session plan at the bottom of the article to help youth and adults understand the importance of the BLM movement.

Local History and Research of Hatfield
Website records the history of the town of Hatfield.

“I Have A Dream” Speech
YouTube video of Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous speech.

Historic Hertfordshire Guide
Historic places to visit in Hertfordshire.

Refugee and Migration
Free session plans and presentations from the Red Cross surrounding refugee and migration.

Visit Herts
Arts, Culture and Museums in Hertfordshire.

BBC Quiz on the Atlantic Slave Trade
Free online quiz for kids.

History Quizzes
Free online quizzes for kids.

BBC UK History Quiz
Free online history quizzes for kids.