Online safety activities you can do from home
Making the internet a safe place for children and young people.

Stop Drop and Roll Poster
Downloadable PDF – What to do when your clothes catch fire.

Stranger Escape Plan
Downloadable PDF- Teaching children about talking to strangers with a role play activity.

Knife Crime
Red Cross information and PowerPoint on knife crime.

Personal Children Safety and Stranger Danger
Teaching children about talking to strangers with a role play activity.

Electricity safety for Children
Information around electrical safety in the home.

Cyber-bullying information
YouTube video on Top 10 forms of Cyber Bullying.

Education resources for Road Safety
Government age-appropriate lesson plans, films, games and slides.

Public Transport Safety for children
How to guide for public transport such as the bus or the train.

Stop Bullying
YouTube video highlighting the importance on your safety whilst being bullied.

COVID Social Distancing
YouTube video on Social Distancing.

Different types of child abuse
Information and advice on different types of child abuse and spotting the signs and what to do to help keep children safe.

Mini Police
Volunteering opportunity for children aged 9 to 11 years to learn about community safety, in a fun way.

COVID – How to stop the spread of Germs
YouTube video on the spread of germs and how to keep safe.

Safety and First Aid for children
YouTube video on safety and first aid for children.

Build Your Own First Aid Kit
A guide to building your own first aid kit, specific to children.

Overall Safety PDF
Downloadable information and activities for what to do in the event of burns, poisoning, breathing issues, falls, etc.

Drug Use and Abuse
Teaching teens about drug use and the dangers.

Peer Pressure
Information on how to recognise and address peer pressure.

Crime Prevention for Teenagers
Hertfordshire Constabulary – guidance for young people surrounding crime.