Helping businesses create a happier, healthier workforce

Ill health of employee’s leads to loss of production, staff turnover and absenteeism which has a cost implication for organisations. One way to tackle this is by using physical activity to improve the physical and mental health of employees. Illness related absences cost UK workplaces £14.9billion per year.

Reducing staff absences by one day per year can save workplaces £1000s each year.

Encouraging your staff to lead active lifestyles and avoiding sitting down at a desk all day can help to improve their mood, productivity and concentration.

The Herts Sports Partnership have the expertise to provide you with a tailored Workplace Wellbeing Programme to encourage staff to be more active.  We have a menu of options which includes staff health and wellbeing surveys, mini health MOTs, organising on-site physical activity sessions, Workplace Champion training.  To find out more information and request prices, please contact Amelia Hall


Nuffield Health have recently published a White Paper called ‘A Healthier Workplace: How employers can reduce physical inactivity.’   Click here to view this document.