This Girl Can in Herts Week 2017: Summer Success

The success and evaluation of This Girl Can in Herts Week 2016 led to us wanting to build on this local participation campaign; continuing to support the national This Girl Can campaign by delivering a summer This Girl Can in Herts Week 2017.

This year the campaign focused the confidence, resilience and belonging that comes from taking part in sport. Sometimes mums, grans, sisters, cousins, aunties and friends all just need a nudge. This Girl Can aims to help women and girls whatever their shape, size and ability to overcome the fear of judgement that may be stopping them from joining in.

The week included a total of 304 different sessions featuring 45 types of sport and physical activity ranging from walking netball to martial arts. The range of opportunities available ensured that there was plenty to inspire women and girls to try something new and get active. 108 different organisations supported the week in many ways. Of these, 64 partners were involved for the first time, many of whom we hadn’t had contact with before.

We asked all partners to feedback the total number of women and girls who attended their sessions, and for the numbers of new participants who came along. Over 3,059 women and girls took part across the week; of these, 1,258 were new participants, confirming the effectiveness of the initiative. We asked participants on how many days in the past week they had been physically active for a total of 30 minutes or more, enough to raise their heart rate. Of respondents 4% had not been physically active in the previous week and 16% had done an hour or less. When asked if the session attended was the first, 22% of participants said that it was. 78% had previously participated at the session before. We also asked the participants how much they enjoyed the session and to provide additional comments. We are delighted to report that of the respondents, 96% enjoyed their activity/session. 76% said they found the session really fun and exciting; other comments were – motivational, great for socialising, brilliant way to have fun and keep fit, and the instructors were helpful and inspiring. 96% of participants want to take part in the same or a similar activity again.

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