In 2016, funding was approved by the Big Lottery Fund for a three year boxing project for Hertfordshire. Additional funding has been provided by the Police and Crime Commissioner, the People’s Post Code Trust, Hertfordshire’s ten local authorities and the Hertfordshire County Council People’s Innovation fund. The total project funding is £437,476 over three years.

We have employed a part-time Boxing development officer and working with Box Cleva to work with 7 to 15 year olds to achieve three key outcomes:

  • Reduce the number of reported incidents of anti-social behaviour and crime
  • Improve the physical and mental health of young offenders
  • Increase the self-confidence and self-esteem of young offenders

Club and Workforce Development is an additional element of the project that will work across the county to produce a Hertfordshire-wide, and individual district boxing development plans. These will be tailored to support the needs of each local community and encourage sustainability.

Year 1
Year 1 of the project was highly successful and achieved the following outcomes:

Qualifications: 8 x Level 1 Boxing Awards, 15 x Safeguarding Awards, 9 x First Aid qualifications, 9 x Box Leaders Awards
Participants: 157 young people attending 10-12 sessions, 1787 session visits across 10 locations
Antisocial behaviour: Reductions in antisocial behaviour across nine districts
Wellbeing: Substantial improvements in mental and emotional wellbeing

For more information about the project please view our report Herts Big Hit and Box Cleva Year 1 statistics.

Celebration Event

On Sunday 1 July, to mark the success of this project to date, the Hertfordshire’s Big Hit Celebration Event will be held at the university to recognise the fantastic achievements of the local young people taking part. The afternoon will commence with the young boxers in action completing their skills assessments, followed by a ceremony in the Weston Auditorium when participants will collect their awards.

Will Slemmings
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