Career Mode is a chance for young people to ‘take control of their own journey’. The project aims to stand up for young people, give them a voice and allow them to shape the future of their generation. Those that enter Career Mode will be role models and help inspire other young people.

Put simply; we recruit disadvantaged young people, link them up with one of our Agents, set some goals both short and long term, support them to get more active, open doors for their community activation, reward them for their progress and work towards education and/or employment.

The project was co-designed (50 partners) with the aim of supporting disadvantaged young people to improve skills and increase their employability in the sport sector.

Young people have been involved in the design and direction of the project. Everything you see, has been produced by young people and selected by others. Students at University of Hertfordshire designed the brand concepts, before students at Oaklands College tweaked and chose the final designs.

Engaging young people with limited life opportunities to believe in themselves, take ownership of their futures and go on to inspire their peers and communities.

The project runs in association with key partners including Hertfordshire Police, Hertfordshire’s Adult and Family Learning Service and local community sport.

The name and much of the makeup of Career Mode is a nod towards computer games. When playing these games, young people are presented with options to jump into play or ‘enter Career Mode’. This is more of a long-term commitment but they have to make their own decisions, problem solve, strategically plan, earn points, unlock rewards and work towards a target. This has been applied to the real world, specifically community activation in sport.

Participation = 5 points
Any sport, physical activity or dance earns points on our leader board.

Community Activation = 10 points
Any work or experience that benefits others as well as contributes to your own self-development earns more points on the leader board.

Rewards = 15 points
Points can unlock all kinds of rewards such as training, qualification, experiences and kit. You choose what would benefit you most.

Career Mode is currently open for recruitment:

  • If you know an individual that you wish to nominate…
  • If you are a club looking to provide opportunities for a Career Mode participant…
  • If you are an organisation that would like to get involved…

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