Career Mode is a chance for young people to ‘take control of their own journey‘. The project aims to stand up for young people, give them a voice and allow them to shape the future of their generation. There are difficult times ahead for young people; the project has thus evolved and adapted due to the pandemic. Never has there been a greater need to link those that want to do more with those who can provide the opportunities. 

Currently, Career Mode is piloting a new approach by supporting 4 clubs and organisations to recruit and retain young volunteers. This pilot phase will help us shape the future of Career Mode and how best to support as many young people as possible.

The clubs chosen to join the pilot will utilise Career Mode to retain young volunteers at their club, as well as recruit more young people into volunteering. All participants will access training and qualifications in relation to their sport.

To young people, Career Mode is a platform for a better future. They will be help form their club’s Career Mode ‘Academy’ in order to build their own work experience, develop their employability skills, gain qualifications/training and boost their CVs.

4 Career Mode Academies in Herts

14-21 year olds (target can be changed)

Young people volunteering in sport

Points system for any form of volunteering

Rewards for points scored go onto a leader-board

Participants receive training and qualifications inclusive

Access to further voluntary opportunities in the community

Support to achieve aspirations and strengthen the sector

Each Academy will look different and run in accordance to what that group wants the session to be. There will always be an ‘Agent’ leading the session. There will always be opportunities presented for volunteering in the club/area. There will always be a chance to reflect on your own volunteering experiences and planning future activities. Everything a young person does in Career Mode relates to earning points on a leader-board. The below is given as a central template, but this can be flexible:

Intermediate = 5 points
⚡️Bring 1 friend along (multiplies)
⚡️Social media promotion (personal)
⚡️Social media workout post
⚡️Social media role model post
⚡️Attend weekly Career Mode academy
⚡️PAD (plan, activate, develop) log
⚡️Complete an evaluation form
⚡️Goal setting

Professional = 10 points
⚡️Networking: attend an event
⚡️Public speaking (any form)
⚡️Admin (any form)
⚡️Assistant coaching
⚡️Event setup (small event)
⚡️Maintenance (any form)
⚡️Achieve 1 of your goals

Master = 15 points
⚡️Training or qualification
⚡️Personal training (any form)
⚡️Fitness instructing (any form)
⚡️Lead coaching
⚡️Fundraising: up to 45 pts
⚡️Club/Session promotion
⚡️Receiving positive feedback
⚡️Attend monthly Career Mode academy

Training up for grabs?

  1. Managing challenging behaviours
  2. Emergency Aid qualifications
  3. Safeguarding qualifications
  4. Sports Leadership
  5. StreetGames Activator Workshops
  6. UK Coaching membership
  7. NGB Level 1 & 2
  8. Fitness Instructing
  9. Personal Training
  10. More to come…

Career Mode is currently open for partnerships:

  • If you know a young person looking for exciting opportunities…
  • If you are supporting young volunteers already…
  • If you are an organisation that would like to get involved…
    Get in contact.

Josh Spavins
T: 07592 943831

Young people have been involved in the design and direction of the project.