Cancer Hair Care and HertsYOPA18

A Stevenage based charity is embarking on a groundbreaking project to help people with hair loss to find confidence to join in with sporting and wellness activities whilst wearing wigs and other headwear. They are supported by the Letchworth Sports and Tennis Club and are also keen to hear from other people who can get involved.

‘For many people with hair loss the big barrier to getting active is the thought that their wig may slip off and reveal their bare scalp. Facing cancer and hair loss is tough enough but it’s often once treatment has finished and people are trying to get back to regular activities that barriers can be formed. For example a woman who is wearing a wig often feels concerned that if joining in with a sports class her wig may slip off and reveal hair loss and take away her privacy. Many of the young teenagers we support tell us that they are desperate to return to regular sporting activities at school but they get to hot and uncomfortable wearing a wig. 

At Cancer Hair Care we have developed lots of helpful ideas such as specialist headwear such as a scarf with hair attached or a sports hat with a fake fringe. We are also working on a series of support and guidance materials such as video’s that can help gym instructors, schools and wellness teachers to develop an understanding of how to support people with hair loss.’

Cancer Hair Care offers free services throughout Hertfordshire in NHS hospitals and at their studio. Services offered to any one affected by hair loss due to cancer treatments or for any reason.

We need your help!

  1. We need your help to engage young people aged 10-18 (up to 23 if additional needs) in workshops and activities to help develop the services (for example we need to talk with young people and show them ranges of headwear to gain their input and ideas). Do you run a group who would commit to a workshop event? We run fun, engaging and fulfilling events.
  2. Do you run a social scheme where you may have some dedicated young people who will volunteer to get involved?
  3. Are you a fundraising group or would you consider helping us to raise funds needed so that our services and specialist items are free of charge to young people in need?

If you can help or sign post us to others we would be so very grateful.

To support the project please contact, email or call 01438 311322.