Following a successful first year, the Herts Sports Partnership is recruiting six students from the University of Hertfordshire as part of the UH Community Sport Ambassador program 2021/22. Our ultimate goal is to offer real-world experience and understanding to the future workforce of the sports sector. Our Ambassadors are welcome from different courses, levels of study and personal backgrounds.

Each Ambassador will shadow and support a Project Officer from HSP throughout the year and will gain specialist experience throughout. These roles allow students to add valuable work experience to their education, engage with the sector and network with partners across the county. Our Ambassadors will also have the flexibility to gain training and qualifications, relevant to their future ambitions. The qualifications range from ‘Safeguarding Children in Sports’ and ‘Managing Challenging Behaviours’ to ‘Understanding Young People from Low Socio-Economic Groups’ and ‘Strength and Conditioning’.

Since their time with us, our previous Ambassadors have already started their journey within the sports sector in workplaces such as the Premier League, Watford FC Community Trust and Chelsea FC. Others progressed from their work experience of ‘Fit, Fed & Read’ to securing paid roles in leading the holiday camps last summer. HSP continue to support our Ambassadors towards future roles at the organisations or with partners, and look forward to working with many of them again! We are excited to read your applications and welcome a new group to our team.

2020/2021 Ambassador Alumni Feedback

“I would advise any student to apply as it is a great opportunity to really explore sports development in the working environment”

“This opportunity has given me the confidence and self-belief that I will be able to take with me into the workplace environment.”

“DO IT!! You’ll gain the best experience which will help massively when finishing University. You’ll be exposed to so many people and your name will be out there. ”

Further Information

Find below the UH Community Sport Ambassador Role Specification and Application Form:

Role Specification
Application Form

Apply to:
Matthew Rayner
Strategic Lead for Sport

Application Closing Date : 4pm, Monday 4 November.
Apply immediately as applications are reviewed and positions offered on a rolling basis.