Will Slemmings

Since joining HSP in 2018 I have progressed through various roles and currently lead on the partnership’s use of physical activity, movement and sport to generate positive health and wellbeing outcomes for Hertfordshire residents.

I am a strong believer in the power of physical activity and the benefits it can bring people, having experienced them first hand and seen them evident in those around me;  not only from the obvious physical health improvements (although these are of course very important!) but also the cognitive and wider social benefits. Following the Covid-19 pandemic various inequality gaps that exist across out county are being experienced more than ever so our focus will continue to be on those who have felt these negative effects the most.

For the main part my role involves ensuring that HSP are facilitating collaborative efforts with a range of partners across the county; maximising the effects of available resources and creating the best societal outcomes as possible. We are lucky in Hertfordshire to have so great deal of high-level physical activity provision already; my role is to make efforts to ensure that organisations seeking to achieve similar outcomes can walk their paths together rather than working in silo. Our key partners in this area extend across the private, public and charitable sectors including local authorities, public health teams, NHS health teams, long term health condition specific charities and local businesses.

I would be keen to hear from anyone that would like to discuss provision of physical activity opportunities in Hertfordshire seeking to create health and wellbeing improvements for our local residents.

E: w.slemmings@herts.ac.uk
T: 01707 283249