John O’Callaghan

Having joined the Partnership in 2007 I took over reins as Director in October 2015. I am responsible for overseeing the HSP staff team and for effective engagement with our Board, our hosts – the University of Hertfordshire – and the wider partnership in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of our Strategic Plan.

I have over 35 years’ sector relevant experience including several years as a Director of Leisure and Cultural Services within a Unitary Authority. I also spent three years as a full time volunteer within a multi-sport community club setting, so know first-hand the fantastic work undertaken by our clubs, and the considerable challenges that they face in sustaining their operations. I am passionate about sport and physical activity as a cost effective vehicle for positive social change, in making our communities safer and better places to live and work and in improving the life chances of our young people.

I am very proud of the Partnership’s achievements and of our reputation as a reliable, collaborative and pro-active organisation. I want to ensure that any individual or organisation that is part of the sport and physical activity landscape in Hertfordshire, is able to connect to what we do and that we are empathetic, knowledgeable and responsive in the way that we go about our business. It is imperative that we continue to make a positive impact and add value through our work, in meeting the needs of both our funders, and those communities that we serve – and that we work closely with our colleagues in local government through an insight led, evidence based approach to achieve this.

The strength of partnership working and track record of effective collaboration in the county is well chronicled. We will need to build on that through a multi-agency approach if we are to deliver on our aspirations to strengthen the local sporting infrastructure and begin to make a dent in Hertfordshire’s stubborn inactivity levels.

T: 01707 281009