Independent Member

As the former Secretary and Registrar of the University of Hertfordshire, Philip was involved in the governance of a major public organisation for over 25 years. He has been company secretary for over a dozen companies, a director of 12 companies –  including Chairman of a company with an annual turnover of over £10 million – and Chairman of smaller companies including several in the not for profit sector. He is currently the Chair of an Academy Trust and has advised on corporate governance issues for over 25 years.

Philip has been an Executive Board member of the CSP since 2012, prior to which he was a member of the Athletic Union Board of the University of Hertfordshire. He is also Secretary and a Trustee of Harpenden Cricket Club which is one of the Premier Division clubs in the Herts League and still plays for the lower XI’s having been an active member of the club for many years. He also plays at veterans’ level for one of Hertfordshire County sides (over 60’s).