Partnership President

Grahame’s career within the sport and physical activity sector is a distinguished one. He brings forty years as a teacher of PE, over four decades with Stevenage Sports Council and Sport Stevenage, fifteen years with Federation of Eastern Sport as Secretary, Vice Chair and Chairman, an inaugural member of, and eight years with, the original Eastern Sports Board and fifteen years as Chair of the Herts Sports Partnership.

Grahame’s extensive knowledge of the sports scene covers local, county and regional levels, contributing to an understanding of the needs of those who strive to bring sport and physical activity to all parts of the community.

As a sports volunteer in Stevenage Grahame’s focus was on developing greater opportunities for all through the work of the Sports Council and Sport Stevenage, bringing to the attention of those in local and national government the real value of the work undertaken by thousands of club volunteers. Furthermore, ensuring that the knowledge and know-how volunteers possess is recognised as a real resource and features in all national and local sports strategies.

Grahame was the Herts Sports Partnership Chair from 2003 to 2018. In October 2018, Grahame stepped down as Chair and was inaugurated by Jennie Price (CEO, Sport England) as the Partnership’s President.