Evaluation and Impact

As a keen advocate for the benefits of physical activity on health, wellbeing and social inequality, I am passionate about demonstrating the impact that physical activity can have for just about anyone. After completing a PhD in 2016, exploring the effect of dance and exercise on people with Parkinson’s disease, I realised my strength was in the practical development of interventions and demonstrating the impact they can have. I have worked with HSP since 2017 to improve impact measurement across the county and evidence the importance of sport and physical activity.

I support HSP to demonstrate the impact that sport and physical activity can have on a range of populations. This includes:

  • Interpreting existing and creating new insight to inform the work they do
  • Involving participants in project design
  • Embedded impact measurement in organisational strategy
  • Developing an evidence based theory of change
  • Supporting partners to evidence their work
  • Evaluating projects
  • Demonstrating the impact of HSP and its partners

E: meliahall@hotmail.com