In our ongoing and continued drive for greater efficiency in the way that we operate, we have scaled down our core staffing team, supplementing this where appropriate, with a number of Associates.

Generally these Associates are familiar with the work of the Partnership and a number were former employees. Others have been recruited for their specialist skills and knowledge or specific work areas and whilst they’re not employed directly by the Partnership, they work very closely with the staff team in helping us deliver our Strategic Plan.

From time to time, the Partnership calls on the services and support of a number of Associates to support our work. The majority of these have long established links with the Partnership and some were former employees who know the patch and modus operandi well.

Each Associate is different in the way that they support our work – some on a paid basis and some as volunteers – but all are seen very much as part of our extended team and we’re extremely grateful for their support and cooperation.

They are all invaluable for the contribution they make in enabling us to continue to be a high performing Active Partnership.