Amelia Hall

Demonstrating the impact of physical activity to the individual and wider community of Hertfordshire is key in in evidencing the benefit of the sport development sector as a whole.  We often know we are doing great work but struggle to provide the evidence to support these claims.  Whether it be to funders or the individuals we are trying to engage, it is important we show the benefit of the work we do in a rigorous but understandable way.

My role at HSP is to work across the team to use insight and evaluation to shape the work we do.  I digest the wealth of national and local insight and use it to inform the programmes we develop to ensure maximum impact in the areas we work (for example areas of deprivation and underrepresented groups).  I also try and translate some of this often complicated insight into an easily digestible format through factsheets on our website and signpost to data that can be useful for other organisations within the sector.

I also take the lead for evaluation of our ‘in house’ programmes, including campaigns, interventions and a new area emerging is collecting insight from key populations we are looking to engage.  I am passionate about upskilling others within the sector and have developed a number of free resources in conjunction with colleagues Matt Hughes-Short and Fiona Deans to help demystify this area of work.

Learn more about insight and evaluation at HSP

I also work on the older adult’s programme, Active Together, which aims to increase the provision of activity for older adults on the cusp of social care. I work closely with local authorities across the county to increase targeted physical activity, keeping older adults independent for longer.

I am the deputy lead for Safeguarding at HSP and lead on Safeguarding Adults at Risk. Learn more about Safeguarding at HSP.

Work areas:

  • Insight
  • Evaluation
  • Older Adults (Active Together)
  • Safeguarding Adults at Risk

T: 01707 281201